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A collection of hobby projects, playing with mostly obsolete technology: Classic arcade games in smaller packages, vintage computing (think 1950s and 60s), and an incomplete-but-not-abandoned attempt to build a scanning tunneling microscope with atomic resolution.

New – a selection of 3D-printed accessories for the paper tape reader, courtesy of several builders who designed these handy add-ons to help with tape management.

Arcade Games

I like old arcade games from the 70s and 80s (although I’m not good at playing them). Some of these early games generate their video display in unusual ways – by drawing vectors via X/Y control of the CRT’s electron beam, or by generating their video signal from hard-wired TTL logic.

Two projects in this section feature original circuit boards in new, smaller enclosures which showcase the boards. Also, a small MAME cabinet specializing in vertical-format arcade games from the “Golden Age”, based on a Raspberry Pi and a customized mechanical joystick.

Asteroids mini

Vintage Computing

… where vintage is defined as anything from “older than me” to “my first computer”. Pocket-sized replicas of 1950’s magnetic drum computers, a mouse from 1968, and the 6502 microprocessor from 1975 re-implemented to run at 100 MHz.

Tiny ACE
Telefunken Rollkugel
Paper Tape Reader

Other Projects

A catch-all for projects that don’t fit the categories above. At the moment, this comprises my – fairly comprehensive but unfinished – Scanning Tunneling Microscope project, a wristwatch for nerds, and modification instructions for an echo effect pedal for musicians.

Homebrew STM
Breadboard Watch
DanEcho Mod


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